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The major recommendation one gets in the current time of century for the promotion of their business and its marketing is through the optimization of the websites. However, these websites need to keep on updating in accordance with the alterations being made by Google for listing the things in the search engine. Thereby it is somewhat a technical and considerably expensive way of marketing your business.

Mark Grassman

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One reality which can not be ignored is that notable part of our population does not have access to the internet. So, no matter how much effort and money are been invested in the optimization and promotion of the websites for the marketing of a business, a major portion of the population stays unaware of it.

Moreover, a recent study has proved that majority of the people visit a website after being referred by any other source. It might be some person, magazine, newspaper, radio, book or television channel that quotes or refers to a website.

In fact, many of the Internet Marketers have to rely on offline marketing strategies and methods like videos, books, seminars, free gifts, pamphlets and CD-ROMS etc. for their sales.

These facts demonstrate that offline promotion methods are comparatively more beneficial than online marketing, for increasing the profits of a business.

The websites need to get access to a wider population and community so that it becomes fruitful to use online marketing methods. Bringing your websites into the higher rankings in the search engine is not the only way for this purpose. The more intelligent way to bring people to visit a website is by writing articles in regular publications like newspapers, magazines. By including the site URL, a big number of the community can be brought to visit the website.

Secondly, avail each chance you get to announce the URL during a communication. Let it be a public gathering or private conversation, make presentations to clubs, societies etc. and do not forget to mention your website’s URL.

Thirdly, directly mail the catalogs, letters or brochures frequently to valued customers. There are numerous companies available which provide such services. This will remind these many customers to visit your website and your business’s existence.

Briefly, the more your URL is evident outside the borders of the internet, the more visitors you will get irrespective of how well the search engines are treating you.

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